Bespoke Solid Wood Furniture – What To Look For And Where To Start
If you’re looking for insights and info on custom made furniture then you’re in the right place. Here you will find all there is to know about solid wood furniture and what wood to choose. It can take weeks, wandering through the retail outlets that sell imported furniture at a huge cost, while the quality is average. And you still haven’t found a unique piece to suit your home.

Surely, the best option is having what you want to have custom made at a comparative price, but with quality that you can trust. Not forgetting, of course, that local is lekker. So, instead of physically visiting furniture shops, check out ideas for the exact piece online. Of course, you could always visit Pinterest, click here and search for custom made furniture Pinterest . There are gazillions of ideas that you can expand on. Alternatively, draw up your own plan and submit it for a quote.

What We Offer
Our local artisanal craftsmen, under expert supervision, quality control and years of info on custom made furniture, will give you exactly what you want. And that’s a one-of-a-kind piece of handcrafted furniture that is the envy of all of your friends. Equally important, at a price that you can afford. Plus, invaluable advice. Remember, our reputation is everything to us. So, we ensure that you get exactly what you want, instead of something that may not be quite the right fit. The height, width – general size specifications – along with the ‘look’ that you are trying to achieve, is always spot-on.

We appreciate that your budget is of utmost importance. Remember, buying from Woodfurn directly cuts out the middleman, who pays a high rental to be in a shopping mall, which obviously gets passed onto the final price.

Now, custom-built furniture is accessible to everyone. Plus, at a price point that is affordable. With creative manufacturing expertise. And delivery in Gauteng and Limpopo.

Personalise Your Custom -Made Furniture
Firstly, you choose your wood. Obviously the one that suits your pocket. For example, it is impossible to buy imbuia on a pine budget. So, let’s take a look at what is available in South Africa.

Rubberwood is an eco-friendly, pine coloured, light-coloured tropical hardwood grown in rubber plantations, belonging to the maple family. Once the tree stops producing sap (rubber) it is chopped down and a new tree is planted. It is the most popular wood in our factory for making solid wood furniture as it stains to suit the colour required with great results, at a better price, for instance, than mahogany.

We make a huge amount of different types of furniture in Rubberwood, from kitchen islands to dining room tables. It’s very distinct grain works well with Rubio Monocoat.

Rubberwood is not really suitable for outdoor use unless it is protected undercover. But it is perfect for indoors. It has little shrinkage which results in it being a stable material for doors or furniture. As it doesn’t warp or bend, it is a good product to replace pine at a good price point. It is also flexible and strong, with resistance to bacteria, mould and fungus. Not forgetting, it is excellent for modern designs as it strongly resembles Scandinavian light wood.

Kiaat AKA African Teak
This wood is chock-full of character with its distinctive white flashes. And you can choose between lots of white, a little white or all brown. Interestingly, this African wood is typically found in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Namibia and Angola, so is readily available.

Luckily, it is resistant to termites and borer beetle, has a pleasant spicy aroma and is durable. And it scrubs up good! A bit of polish and you’ll get a lovely shine. This popular hardwood is ideal for top quality furniture with its mid-brown colour. It is a tad expensive but it is really worth it for the colours and patterns in the wood.

Is this info on solid wood furniture helping yet? We certainly hope so.

This popular African hardwood is found in many different species and grades, varying in price and quality. Additionally, it finishes well and is excellent for carving. Often it is used in making Victorian and Empire reproductions as it has a unique antique appearance. One of the more popular indigenous hardwoods, it is perennially popular.

Interestingly, with more than 60 species, this wood is probably the most popular and widely used hardwood. Pricewise, white oak is the most expensive, red oak has a better price point. It is light coloured with prominent rings, giving it a coarse texture. Extremely durable, oak furniture can last for centuries. English oak country designs are a popular style worldwide.

Rustic oak, which is white with lots of natural cracks fits the latest craze in rustic, distressed furniture. Heavy, turned legs can be crafted from solid pieces of wood known as cants. Contemporary and traditional pieces are extremely popular for an industrial look, combining oak and steel.

Alight-coloured hardwood, with a straight, regular grain, ash has a medium to coarse texture and is extremely durable. However, it is usually sanded to a fine finish. Additionally, it used as a utility wood in the USA, and is the perfect wood for tool handles. It is one of the easier woods to work with.

Oregon Pine and South African Pine
South African pine is a much lighter colour than Oregon but tends to warp, so is not our choice to work with.

Well known as reclaimed wood, Oregon pine is a rustic yellowish colour and full of rustic character. This hardwood is lightweight with a straight grain. The distinctive knots in Oregon Pine add character, perfect for country furniture. Whitewashed, stained, painted or oiled will all achieve the finish you need. The heartwood varies from red-brown to salmon coloured, while the sapwood is a creamy white to yellow. It is ideal for the following uses.

Parquet and wooden floors
Load-bearing structures
Exterior joinery
Roof overhangs

What Piece Of Furniture Are You Looking For?
Obviously, you have an idea of what you want, but there are many different styles of furniture. So, continue reading our info on custom made furniture, it’s well worth it.

Round Tables
Firstly, round tables are excellent for smaller dining rooms, with little clutter and minimalist designs, creating an intimate and cosy atmosphere. However, placed close to a window, ensuring good light, is the best setting for this shape of table. Finally, it makes a real statement to have a good pendant light over the centre of the table.

Oval Tables
Secondly, oval tables are very much on-trend. Also, they are ideal for patios or large areas and they definitely make a statement. Similarly, like round tables, they encourage conversation with most guests being able to see each other.

Square Tables
Thirdly, square tables often make spaces feel small – so look best in a large area. Equally, a rectangular or open area is perfect for a square table to avoid that closed-in feel. Also, a lovely feature is to place the table on a rectangular rug.

Rectangular Tables
Lastly, rectangular tables create a more spacious atmosphere, giving the illusion of elongating the space, which makes it appear larger. The shape tends to draw the eye along the table, so it is nice to have a décor element that the table draws the attention to. Additionally, this shape of the table is elegant and play nicely with fully upholstered chairs and table runners.

OK. So, that’s it for this week. We truly hope that this has helped in your quest for the best fit for your home with enough focus and info on custom made furniture.

So, if you’re looking for tables, check out our dining room sets.