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Custom Made Plasma & TV Units


Custom design

Unique, on-trend designs tailored to your needs and budget.


finest hardwood

Only the best quality materials are used. No synthetics!


timeous delivery

Quality takes time but we deliver on the date we set with you.


A unique TV/Plasma unit will give you your private screen time and can do wonders for your decor.

So, continue reading so that you can sit back later for some relaxed television viewing. We specialize in TV cabinet designs – panels, cupboards, and more.

There is nothing like catching up on your favourite sitcom at the end of the day. Or catch up on the day’s political happenings and sports news.


Binge-watching your favourite show in bed? Make this even more enjoyable with a stunning TV and Plasma unit in your bedroom.

So, if you want the luxury of watching your favourite programmes from your warm and comfortable bed install a plasma unit at the foot of your bed.

This practical solution shouldn’t interfere with the aesthetics of your bedroom. So, make it cohesive with a solid wood TV unit blending into the bedroom decor.

Together, we’ll create a TV unit that seamlessly fits in the bedroom. We’ll go the bespoke route and build a unit to suit your decor needs.

You’ll never go wrong with wood. If your room is traditional, maybe opt for a classic cabinet. For a more urban modern room then perhaps, look at a more rugged wood effect. Should your style be contemporary, consider polished wood with a sleek finish. With so many textures and grains, and colours available, there is something for everybody when it comes to wooden TV cabinet designs for your bedroom or any other room.  There are numerous ideas on Pinterest and Houzz, so scroll through the sites and lead us to the pictures of your choices.

Followers of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ should consider a simpler TV stand. Moreover, this works better if your room is small, minimalist and cool. Maybe, a few simple shelves on the wall at the foot of the bed, leaving floor space open. Add a touch of class by adding a feature behind the TV, like a simple panel, effectively paring back the styling back in your bedroom.



Even if you have a TV in the bedroom, most of us choose to have a flat screen TV in the entertainment centre or living room.

Firstly, consider the TV’s dimensions, plus the area of the room, before designing the piece of furniture.

Secondly, the entertainment section is probably the most important area of your lounge.

A stylish modern TV wall unit is the best fit in a modern living room.

A contemporary finish with modern lines will complement the shape of the flat screen.

For more inspiration, go to Pinterest.


Our Process



Our expert design team will chat to you via Skype or Zoom. Giving you advice and guiding you. 


agree on design

Once you've agreed to a design we'll set a date of delivery. We do request deposit at this stage.


we build

Our team of experts will design your custom furniture based on what we've agreed upon.


we deliver

We always complete our jobs on time. We then request final payment before/on delivery.

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