Study and Library

Does your study or library date back to the ’80s when workers wore shoulder pads? Then it’s time to update that dated office furniture and bring in new. Not every study is aesthetically pleasing, and that’s OK. But it must be functional.

Study or library
Plenty of storage in built-in solid wood cupboards

We all want a beautiful office to work in but it’s vital that the study we are working in enables productivity. Everyone wants spectacular decor, but comfort must be top priority. How does your study or library make you feel?  If you dread going into the study in the morning, then it’s time for change.

Usually office space is an issue, so the answer is built-in bookcases and trendy, sleek shelving.  Accurate measurements are vital, as are space saving ideas.  We’ll do that for you, so you can concentrate on the work at hand.

Study or library
Lovely, functional Rosewood bookcase

We specialise in custom designed libraries and handcrafted studies. A custom-designed home study or library adds a touch of luxury and class to your home. And your sophisticated and elegant private space becomes conducive to churning out a prodigious amount of work. We will resolve any space issues.  And by paying close attention to the number of books you need to shelve, and to ensuring enough open areas to walk through. We will design desks, either freestanding or built in and creatively meet all of your requirements in solving spacial issues.

Library or Study

Together, we will explore all the options and combinations of wooden elements. All of this while taking careful consideration to ergonomics and aesthetics.  Your office will be a combination of beauty and practicality.

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