Does rustic furniture, shabby chic or farmhouse style appeal to you?  For a bit of fun, do any of the statements below apply to you?  

  1. Distressed is a desirable condition
  2. You’d rather give up biltong than antiques
  3. Empty mason jars outrank full bottles of wine
  4. Peeling paint is like wrinkles, implying character, not age
  5. All of the above.

This is a blend of a multitude of styles, aka shabby chic, cottage, homespun, homely or country.  But really, at heart, it is appreciation for decorating that reflects history, charm and warmth.  It’s like stepping back in time to when farmhouse style was very popular.


Here are some pointers to bring natural homespun beauty to your home:

  1. Mix and match.  Antique, salvaged or natural wood pieces blend beautifully with contemporary chairs and modern upholstery.  And we can either source reclaimed wood or we distress the wood to obtain the rustic furniture ‘look’.
  2. Show some restraint. You don’t need to sacrifice elegance and sophistication to achieve homely success.  So rather go easy. Perhaps just an entrance hall or coffee table with distressed wood or perfectly sanded paint to ensure success.
    rustic furniture
    Turned legs, lovely studs, stunning rustic coffee table
  3. Patterns? Yes, no or maybe. However, try not to overdo it, plaids and nature themes in moderation work well sometimes. It’s inexpensive to add cushions, curtains or on-trend bedding to make a room look rustic in the flash of an eye.  Plus, we have excellent upholsterers to help you.
  4. Back to nature. Whether you’re selecting accessories, upholstery or just paint, choose shades and colours that are earthy, neutral, warm or natural.  So, consider blue-grey, rust, shades of green or mellow yellow to enhance shabby chic decor.
  5. A modern room with splashes of metal makes a great setting for country-style touches, especially combined with aged wood pieces. A distressed table with modern chairs; an on-trend leather sofa with a reclaimed wood coffee table; an antique-look wooden bed in a clean and simple lines in a bedroom work very well.
  6. Basic white is a stunning backdrop for this form of deco. Imagine a white room with natural looking dark wood beam ceilings. White and rustic furniture complement each other very well.


Once you have made decision to add homespun touches to your home, choose from a number of simple furnishings that suit your style, and voila! You’ve made it your own. Or maybe, is the house aiming for farmhouse style, but you could add industrial legs to your table as an extra?  Why not some shabby chic wood planters filled with succulents. See some lovely accessories and ideas in the gallery.

Maybe it’s the refined rustic look or super chunky, extra homespun, or less chunky, but still farm style of rustic furniture that floats your boat. So, if you’re really creative and like the idea of creating your own combinations scroll though our gallery for fabulous ideas or click onto 

Our furniture comes with choices that help you make the right decision for your home. Don’t forget, our furniture is all custom made, so the sizes are up to you. Push the boundaries of traditional, shabby chic and farmhouse style and mix modern and rustic furniture, organic and metal, creating your own décor style.  Remember, you don’t have to fit into a type.  Choose from all the shades of Rubio Monocoat to create pieces that fits your vision for your room. Check out all the colours of this fabulous product at


Woodfurn is anything but “mainstream” within the industry. Moreover, we have our own factory where exclusive pieces are handcrafted with love and care.  Plus, we are unlike retail outlets who source furniture from wholesaler, making their income on the mark up.

shabby chic
Shabby chic kitchen island

Conversely, Woodfurn owns and operates its own factory where designs are exclusively made for and sold to clients who want individuality. And we have even made rustic furniture for a client to ship to her Australian home.  And she came back to us three years later to make more furniture for a farmhouse she was building in Perth.  Now that is the ultimate compliment.

So, in conclusion, whether you need a single piece or a hundred pieces of rustic furniture for a lodge, Woodfurn is your company. We are family-owned and we run the company on a family management philosophy. You can call us any day of the week and speak to a real person for advice. Check out more about Woodfurn at