On the comeback trail, through the looking glass furniture is again making a splash.  Once exceptionally popular, mirrored furnishings are growing in popularity. So now it’s just a case of deciding what you want, from shiny mirror pedestals to tables, ottomans and dressing tables.  It could be a new cabinet or a decorative table as pictured below, for example.  And there are lots of choices to make, such as design, finish and style.  Really exciting.

Mirrored furniture
Long antique mirror table

There are no hard and fast rules about using furniture with mirrors. Some feel that it should complement the existing decor. Others want to make a statement and mix and match.  Or maybe create a cohesive design throughout the house, and make your home experience pleasant and flowing.

There are several styles of mirror furniture.  These includes modern, glam, antique and even industrial, for instance. All are great designs to choose from because they are fun decor that is easy to put together. Also, you can incorporate pieces of furniture made of metal and glass, which is stunning. These are sturdy materials that work in a living room or a bedroom in the same way. So, if you wanted a mirror dressing table with matching pedestals or a lingerie chest for your bedroom, they would fit in nicely with any of these style options.

Mirrored furniture
Mirrored pedestal with 3 drawers and inset antique mirror


Make your room sparkle with classy mirrored furniture. Reflective pieces like these bounce the light and makes the space brighter and bigger. So, glam things up with that perfect piece of mirrored furniture.

Once you’ve decided on the style of your piece, the next step is deciding the design that would fit best into your home. There are a couple different styles that you can choose from, for example, standard or apothecary.  Or, you could choose to use antique mirror.  However, due to costs, the most common design type is standard mirrors for this special furniture.

Typically, this design is made up of a cabinet or small cupboard with twin doors. And maybe, a drawer for storage at the top top. However, something more unusual, such as apothecary style, will spice up your bedroom or bathroom décor.  Also, this unique design is ideal as a mirrored lingerie chest.

Mirror dressing table
Mirror dressing table with antique glass insets.

Finally, we come to the last phase of designing, and choosing the right finish.  Equally important, the finish of your mirrored furniture should either contrast, match, or blend with the surroundings. For more ideas click

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