Firstly, choose something that you like and can live with for many years, the latest trends will date very quickly.

Budget is very important, the table should fit easily into your space, and the type of wood should suit the style of table.

A modern dining table, for instance, in dark imbuia, would look a little strange and could, perhaps, make the room feel small and cramped.

Also, choosing a trendy table may shorten its lifespan. You may look at it in the not-too-distant future and say “what was I thinking”?

Secondly, would the style you choose be somewhere you could sit, with friends and family, for hours and hours? Is the table big enough for all these guests? Is there ample space around the table for ease of movement?

So, measure your space – length and width – then subtract about 1m 800 from those measurements. This will ensure that you can get around the table comfortably to serve the food.

Each space setting should measure a little more than half a meter. Obviously larger chairs would need more than that. Employ the old adage, measure twice to double check yourself.