Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is definitely the heart of the home. In fact, all the fun and laughter start here. So, make your dining room into a perfect show-piece with your own unique genuine hardwood tables and custom made dining chairs. With years of experience and knowledge when it comes to designing bespoke wood dining room furniture, we are there to help. Click through to see more at http://www.mellowoodfurniture.co.za/dining-room/.

Bespoke dining room furniture
Unique rubberwood table designed by a special client

All you need is an idea for a dining room suite and we will make it a reality. First, our design team will help you through the process, measuring dimensions and drafting plans. Secondly, for the exciting part, we start construction. As we only use the finest selected hardwoods and pay close attention to detail, you can be sure of the beauty and quality of your finished product.  Lastly, we have a wide selection of hardwoods, kiaat, ash, oak, rubberwood, teak and much more.

When you buy custom made dining room furniture from Woodfurn it means you are investing in the best quality product. So enjoy the unmatched beauty and warmth of genuine hardwood tables, wood or upholstered dining chairs, servers and sideboards. Our goal is to provide you with solid wood furniture, reflecting your taste and style.  And we call our furniture generational, made to last for future generations.

Bespoke dining room furniture
Stunning oval ash table with half upholstered chairs


Expect sound advice. Our expert carpenters will do the rest. Gone are today’s trends of churning out furniture made of synthetic materials, they don’t feature here. Each piece of wood has its own story, with unique grains and textures.  Design your own wood bespoke dining room furniture to suit your decor and surroundings.

You could choose to have custom made chairs that are world’s away from the table.  Give your room a funky look, choose king chairs for the top and bottom and benches for the sides?  Or maybe dark wood dining table with upholstered chairs.  Just a thought …

Some of our most loyal clients  have purchased custom-made furniture for their homes. We have a huge variety of materials to choose from and we will quote, manufacture and install the highest quality household furniture to your exact specifications.

Our factory is designed  to manufacture all furniture to the highest standard and quality. So why not work together with an expert design team to build your bespoke dining room furniture.

We deliver in Gauteng and Limpopo.