bedroom furniture

bedroom furniture

Custom Made Wood Bedroom Furniture and Sets


Custom design

Unique, on-trend designs tailored to your needs and budget.


finest hardwood

Only the best quality materials are used. No synthetics!


timeous delivery

Quality takes time but we deliver on the date we set with you.


At Woodfurn, custom made wood bedroom furniture, such as pedestals, headboards, beds and dressing tables are all designed to suit your décor.

Enjoy the freedom to customize any piece to suit your space and style. The order of the day is peace and tranquillity in your boudoir.

So, let’s brighten your surrounds with a designer room filled with beautiful handcrafted furniture. We will ensure that comfort and style are top of the list.  Do you need more inspiration?  Check out wooden headboards at Houzz.

Your days are really busy so nights should be restful. Brighten your room with premium wood beds, side tables or pedestals, end-of-bed ottomans and dressing tables.

We offer a warranty to withstand those late nights, sleepless nights, and hectic mornings. Our aim is to keep you tucked up in bed for long, lazy weekend mornings, however busy your work-week may be.

Our team is excited for you to take the step of designing brand new furniture pieces for your home. Solid wood furniture is a great material to invest in as it will last you a lifetime. So, you are making a great decision. Happy browsing to improve your designer bedroom.


Nothing beats custom-built wooden beds and headboards, pedestals and dressing tables to make your boudoir the haven you deserve.

Or maybe a full-on, walk-in dressing room? Your designer bedroom is the room that your guests don’t usually get to see. For this reason, let it reflect your personality and taste more than any of the other rooms in the house.

We offer the highest quality handmade bedroom furniture. This enables you to create a stylish coordinated look that, tailored to your lifestyle.


Firstly, you get to choose, from tactile items such as upholstered headboards to a wood dressing table.

Whether plain and simple or elegant and classy. It’s up to you, maybe even rustic and homely, custom made wood bedroom furniture is the answer.

Secondly, you can choose from an extensive list of wood, from kiaat, oak, sleeper wood and ash, to more budget-friendly rubberwood. One will surely suit the unique qualities you are looking for.

For instance, ceiling height padded headboards make such a statement. They will be in fashion for many years so could be a good choice.

Therefore, you can design your own bedroom furniture sets to suit your unique style. And don’t forget, you can add extra storage by adding an ottoman for the end of the bed. Happiness is.  For more ideas, click here for more ideas from Pinterest.


We make furniture from the finest quality wood and locally sourced materials. And our sturdy handmade bedroom furniture sets will last for many years.

Good quality furniture will definitely provide you with the comfort you need for a great night’s sleep every night.

So, if you’re looking for custom made wooden beds and headboards, sleeper couch, or pedestals, remember, we are here to help.

We will work together to provide a design to suit your tastes and preferences. Your imagination is allowed to run wild. We will ensure that your designer bedroom has a look and feel that is truly unique to you.

So, in conclusion- for your custom made wood furniture, whether wooden beds and headboards or general handmade bedroom furniture, Woodfurn has the experience and reputation to suit you.


Impact on your sleep!

We spend, on average, one-third of our life in bed, unless you travel extensively for work or spend nights out for many other reasons.

Bedroom furniture styles vary from rustic to ultra-modern, so look through our gallery to see examples of both, and everything in between.

We would love to help with your designer bedroom.

Citing the National Sleep Foundation:room design can play a vital role in the quality of sleep an individual gets and have an effect on their overall health’.

Therefore, needless to say, having a cosy, peaceful room is a must!

Depending on the current state of the room, transforming it may entail making a few minor, or major, adjustments.

So, below you’ll find some of our recommendations.

You can choose from there to ensure your custom made wood bedroom furniture makes your new room a place of peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Our Process



Our expert design team will chat to you via Skype or Zoom. Giving you advice and guiding you. 


agree on design

Once you've agreed to a design we'll set a date of delivery. We do request deposit at this stage.


we build

Our team of experts will design your custom furniture based on what we've agreed upon.


we deliver

We always complete our jobs on time. We then request final payment before/on delivery.

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