Nowadays, this room is definitely the heart of the home. In fact, all the fun and laughter start here.  You can choose from literally thousands of dining room suites in a multitude of different styles and materials.  In addition, our gallery below has some truly exceptional ideas, custom built for many of our happy clients.The options are endless however, on many overseas sites. So, try or  Simply find the ones you like and then guide us to the pictures.

So, make your space into a perfect show-piece with your own unique genuine custom-crafted dining room furniture and custom made dining chairs. With years of experience and knowledge when it comes to designing solid wood dining tables and chairs, we are there to help.  Our know-how and excellent reputation, built up and earned after many years in the business, will reassure you that you will achieve the look you are after.

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solid wood dining tables
Unique rubberwood custom dining room table designed by a special client


All you need is a twinkle of an idea for your custom made dining room furniture and we will make it a reality. Firstly, our design team will help you through the process, measuring dimensions and drafting plans. Secondly, for the exciting part, we start construction. As we only use the finest selected hardwoods and pay close attention to detail, you can be sure of the beauty and quality of your finished product.  Lastly, we have a wide selection of hardwoods, kiaat, ash, oak, rubberwood, teak and much more.  As solid wood furniture manufacturers, it’s all in a days work.  Remember, we also make stunning bedroom furniture, click here to see

dining room sets
Solid kiaat dining room suite with heavy turned legs and fully upholstered chairs


When you buy custom made dining room sets from Woodfurn it means you are investing in the best quality product. So, enjoy the unmatched beauty and warmth of genuine hardwood tables, plain wood or upholstered dining chairs, servers and sideboards. Our goal is to provide you with furnishings that reflects your taste and style.  And we call our furniture generational, it’s made to last for future generations.  The kiaat table pictured is a more traditional suite. These types of genuine hardwood tables usually feature great details – like handcrafted turned legs – and are naturally made of wood. This traditional design is great for any dining room if you are trying to create a warm and comfy ambience with the inviting upholstered custom made chairs.

Choose shapes and sizes to fit your room. A traditional style table is great for larger spaces and families.

solid wood dining tables
Stunning oval ash table with half upholstered chairs


Expect sound advice. Our expert carpenters will do the rest. Gone are today’s trends of churning out decor pieces made of synthetic materials, they don’t feature here. While each piece of wood has its own story, with unique grains and textures, you can choose how much ‘character’ you want. So, we can adapt your own design of wood custom made dining room furnishings to suit your decor and surroundings.  We pride ourselves, as manufacturers of stylish dining room sets, on our excellent reputation and many happy customers.

You could choose to have us make chairs that are world’s away from the table design.  Give your room a funky look, choose king chairs for the top and bottom and benches for the sides?  Or maybe a classic dark wood dining table paired with ghost chairs, for a really modern look.


Many of our most loyal clients have purchased dining room tables and custom made chairs for their homes, along with other wooden items for other rooms. We have a huge variety of materials to choose from and we will quote, manufacture and install the highest quality household furnishings to your exact specifications.


Our factory is designed to manufacture all of our work to the highest standard and quality. 

We know that creating a warm, stylish and beautiful dining room can be a bit tricky. And there are many stunning ideas for how to transform a dull room into a welcoming space.  After all, this is where your friends and family will excited to spend time with you. From some of the newest dining room furnishings available to great design tips and ideas, we will help you transform a nondescript room into something magnificent.


Featuring simplistic features, a funky and trendy modern design will compliment any space – big or small. Because they are made of various materials, maybe glass and wood, or wood and metal, modern tables are great for a simplistic look without sacrificing on style.

modern glass and wood table
Modern glass and wood dining table

So, shapes here can also vary – from round to rectangular or even square tables.  So, maybe glass, maybe steel or maybe wood tables and chairs.  You choose.



An on-trend option, country or rustic tables are perfect if you are going for a farmhouse look. Some of these genuine hardwood tables have both modern and traditional design styles, but most of them will feature a weathered look.  This is enhanced by painting the heavy legs, or perhaps the tabletop as well. Match with an elegant chair to create a sophisticated look. Or opt for traditional styled upholstered chairs to create a classy look and an air of exclusivity. 

So, don’t be afraid to play around with different fabrics and colours when creating a rustic style dining room. Duller, warmer colours and a weathered table will definitely add to your farm style look.

Dining room sets
Rustic and modern

Creating a rustic dining room when you have a larger space to work with can be so much fun.  Because they are made of solid wood and feature beautiful leg designs, rustic tables add an extra touch of style to your home.  The bonus of going rustic is that you can add benches to your table, either at each end or on either side.  Space-saving par excellence.



  • Keep your colour palette monochromatic. Actually, try to stick to one, or two at most, colours and incorporate it into your design throughout the entire space.  Choose from smooth solid wood dining tables for a simplistic look.
  • Design the perfect round dining room table, adding space with chairs that do not have arms because that will effectively create the illusion of space.
  • Keep the design simple, with no clutter. As a result, this will help to achieve the look and makes the room feel bigger.

Above all, have fun.  Enjoy the experience of of working together with expert solid wood furniture manufacturers to design and build your beautiful dining suite.  We look forward to it.

We deliver in Gauteng and Limpopo.

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