Bedroom Furniture

The order of the day is the peace and tranquillity in your bedroom.  The answer is beautiful handcrafted, custom made bedroom furniture.We will ensure that comfort is top of the list.  Your pedestals, dressing table and headboard are all designed to suit your decor.  

custom made bedroom furniture
Beautifully upholstered headboard and baseboard, with a solid bed frame

Nothing beats custom-built beds, headboards, pedestals and dressing tables to make your bedroom the haven you deserve. Or maybe a full-on, walk-in dressing room? Your bedroom is the room that your guests don’t usually get to see. For this reason, let it reflect your personality and taste more than any of the other rooms in the house. We offer the highest quality custom made bedroom furniture. This enables you to create a stylish coordinated look that, tailored to your lifestyle.


Firstly, you get to choose, from tactile items such as upholstered headboards to a wood dressing table. Whether plain and simple or elegant and classy. It’s up to you, maybe even rustic and homely. Secondly, you can choose from an extensive list of wood, from kiaat, oak, sleeper wood and ash, to more budget-friendly rubberwood. One will surely suit the unique qualities you are looking for. For instance, ceiling height padded headboards make such a statement. They will be in fashion for many years so could be a good choice.

We make furniture from the finest quality wood and locally sourced materials. And our sturdy, well designed beds will last for many years. They will definitely provide you with the comfort you need for a great night’s sleep every night. So, if you’re looking for a custom made bed, sleeper couch, pedestals or a headboard we are here to help. We will work together to provide a design to suit your tastes and preferences. Your imagination is allowed to run wild. We will ensure that your bedroom has a look and feel that is truly unique to you.

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