One of the keys to a healthy adulthood is started as a child – and its good sleep habits.  Not only does poor sleep impact on the mental health of the child, but it also affects their behaviour, concentration and moods.  So, how do we give our kids good sleep habits that will last their whole lives?  We all go through our offspring waking up during the night so how do we help them get a good night’s sleep?  Could well chosen childrens furniture and calm, peaceful decor help?  Yes, apparently it can.  So, a good start is to create a perfect bedroom which offers familiarity, comfort and security, with minimal distractions.


There are many styles of kids furnishings; storage beds, four poster princess beds, bunk beds, captains beds and high sleepers. But whatever you choose should be comfortable, safe and sturdy.  And choosing the right mattress is vital.  Along with bedding to suit their particular favourite theme.

Like adults, some kids are tidy but many are not.  However, an untidy, cluttered room is a deterrent to good sleep.  Storage beds, solid wood toy boxes and ottomans help solve the problem, along with encouraging the child to tidy their toys before bedtime – a pipe dream in many parents minds!

Other childrens furniture pieces can also help.  A nice wood bookcase can be used, obviously, for books but also shelving for toys and ornaments.  And it’s so nice to display the reading matter for your child to choose from for the bedtime story.

You can create a lovely mini-library with a traditional bookcase.  These have ample space for a number of books.  Or even a little ‘work station’ with pencil chairs.  Who couldn’t love this?

childrens furniture
Kids pencil stools and desk

Or, in the ever important style of bed, have an integrated bookcase in the headboard.  With large storage drawers under the bed.  Cabin beds have a slightly elevated sleep position in order to have space underneath for the drawers.  Some of them could have a four drawer unit, good for storing clothes, extra bedding, toys etc.

Kids furniture
Adventure bunk beds

The ultimate bed for kids is the Adventure bunk beds. Quite an investment in childrens furniture, but your kids will have fun with this one for years. 

Captain beds are not only for boys! They cleverly have a spare mattress in a legless bed that slides under the bed.  Wonderful for having friends to stay over.  Check out some fabulous childrens furniture ideas to share with us on

childrens beds
Perfect bed for a princess

For smaller kids, cots that transform into beds are a good investment and could last a good many years.

Midi sleeper beds also offer storage – mainly for kids of around six years and older.  The sleep position is even high than the captains or cabin beds.  This is to allow for more practical childrens furniture, maybe a desk, a bookcase and perhaps some drawers.

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