Now you have your beautiful, handcrafted piece of solid wood furniture. But how on earth are you going to keep it in pristine condition? It’s easy and takes minimal time and effort.

  1. Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight and use penetrating wax on a regular basis. There are some great products on the market. We would suggest waxing about once a month until the furniture lets you know that it is saturated. This takes about a year or two, and then you can just use furniture polish.
  2. Ensure that coasters and table mats are available to put hot, cold or wet items onto your table. The undoing of many wooden pieces are white rings made from condensation on the side of a glass, dripping down onto the wood and being soaked up into the top layers of the table. When wax comes into contact with wood, these cloudy white rings are formed. Heat from dinner plates can also play havoc with the wood, hence the need for table mats.
  3. Protect your table from being scratched. Sliding plates, knives and forks or glasses across the wood can easily result in scratch marks. That means that your exquisite table will have to be sanded down and refinished. Make this a rule – and make sure the kids understand why.
  4. Table cloths are an excellent way to stop direct sunlight from damaging your table, but are not effective as a replacement from coasters and table mats.

Look after your treasured piece of furniture, it will outlast your generation.