Staircases and Balustrades

Bespoke custom made staircases, from your choice of solid wood, become an integral part of your house. Add elegance and warmth with a custom-designed and carefully constructed wooden stairway.  Remember that the intricacy of a staircase requires diligence and experience to construct – it has to be right first time.  Not forgetting that it is a lasting investment, a good staircase never goes out of style.  Up the apples and pears is Cockney rhyming slang for stairs.  Just saying.

All our wood stairs are designed and built specifically to each customer’s individual needs.  This could include safety gates, top and bottom, to stop adventurous toddlers and pets from hurting themselves!

Bespoke custom made staircases
Kiaat solid wood staircase with one landing and newel posts


Wooden stairs, made to order, can tie together all aspects of your house. The stairs and balustrade frame the primary focus of entry.  They are also visible throughout the home, giving the wooden stairway more influence and style. Your bespoke handcrafted staircase sets the tone first, letting everything else flow from that place of inspiration. 

Bespoke custom made staircases
Solid wood oak stairs

Bespoke custom made staircases, available in an appropriate wood of your choice.  Then adjusted  to the design of your preference – from traditional, rustic, modern and even spiral.  All are possible.  Classic, spiral, modern to rustic designs, and more. 

We are able to custom make the entire staircase from start to finish or just what you need, such as a balustrade, treads, hand rails, safety gates and more.

Should the need occur, we can combine our work with metal or other forms of , which have their own aesthetic appeal.

Please scroll through the gallery photos to view some selected wooden stairs to give you an idea of the quality and scope of work that we undertake.

We will give you plenty of wood staircase ideas to help you choose one of our bespoke custom made staircases to suit your budget and decor. 

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